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P5MC used to be the Minecraft fan server for virtual YouTuber Paryi, who visited the several a long time ago. As more and more buildings, sculptures and machines are built, the linkage between this server and Paryi degraded. Figures of other former ParyiPro members, vtubers, and general player architects. As of now, the server less represents Paryi, but more of the whole VTuber culture.

We hope to share the scene with all Minecraft and virtual YouTuber fans, so we migrated the server to a scheme with better protection, and turned into public operation. Our server had exquisite buildings, sculptures, including a huge city, pixel arts of many vtubers, palaces, underground metro system. We strongly recommend you paying a visit.

City 1. Teleport with /warp city1

Game Mechanics

  • The overall play mode is survival and architecting. Items are not dropped on death. Pure survival/ RPG players are also welcome, but we do not have PVP system, nor as many monsters and weapons.
  • No economics system, no Residence plugin. If your home was broken into, you can post on our forum, moderators will help solve this.
  • No inter-player teleportations. No home teleportation. There are teleport points in the cities.


  • No griefing. You will be warned for the first time, and banned on the second occurrence.
  • Farms/Tree farms are shared if not otherwise stated, just replant after harvesting. Productional facilities (like mob grinders) are also shared unless otherwise stated.
  • No X-ray mod is allowed. Projection mod is allowed.

Join the Server

Server IP: p5mc.hina.works

We are on game version 1.15.2. You can use the original 1.15.2 from Mojang, find mod packs, or use the customized pack from VirtualWorks. Our customized pack contains numerous assistance mods.

Game Manuals


Command Manual:https://forum.hina.works/d/11-p5mc